A hand washing system for the COVID19 era that saves you money. Also, it's great fun!

COVID19 has caused many things to happen in our world: illness, lock-down, isolation, face masks, Zoom meetings in our pyjamas .....and hand washing! Now, more than ever, hand washing has become an essential part of our every day lives to help stop the spread of the corona virus and keep ourselves safe.


As a certified food safety expert (yes, I love to study!), I've always been very aware of the importance of washing hands thoroughly and regularly. I'm also a bit of a clean freak, so hand washing is right up my alley ;)   I used to have those liquid soap pumps near every sink in the house. Those things are messy. Kids (and some adults!) just love to press on that pump, causing enough soap to come out to clean a small Horse.  Even if you don't have children, the pumps always seem to be dirty and there is always some liquid soap dribbling down the front of it and sitting in a little sticky puddle on the sink. That stuff goes gunky too: the pump clogs and if you don't clean the excess soap up right away, it's like glue! Yuck!

Old style soap pump

When the soap runs out, your options are to buy another whole pump bottle or to buy a refill.  Either way, it gets expensive and I've always felt a bit guilty about contributing to landfill with all that extra plastic.  And, purely from an aesthetic point of view, I just don't like the look of those plastic pump bottles in my bathroom.

So what are the alternatives? Cake soap? No thanks. Cake soap is even messier! Those battery powered soap dispensers that you see in cheap shops? They work for a while, until the batteries run out and need replacing (that gets expensive!) or the soap runs out and needs replacing.

Don't worry, there IS an alternative and you'll never go back to the old way again.

Smart Foam!

Smart Foam

Smart Foam is an automatic foaming hand washing machine for your home that does not require batteries and does not use the conventional liquid soap you buy at the supermarket.  Smart Foam is USB rechargeable (and you barely even have to recharge it - it lasts for 2000 uses on one charge), and uses soap tablets for refills.

When I first saw this wonderful little machine in action, I was blown away. I think I must have washed my hands about 50 times in one hour, it was just so fun! I had actually never heard of soap tablets before.  All you do is fill the tank with water (350 ml), drop in one of the soap tablets and stir to dissolve.  The Smart Foam machine draws the resulting hand washing solution in and dispenses it into your hand in the form of luxurious, thick, creamy foam. It's addictive! 

There are so many great things about this system, not the least of which is that the machine is VERY stylish to look at.  If you are lucky enough to have one of those lovely modern bathrooms, then Smart Foam will look right at home on your sink. And if your bathroom is aesthetically-challenged, Smart Foam will lift the style factor 1000-fold.  I guarantee you are going to get people asking you where you got it from.

It's the ULTIMATE house-warming gift, baby shower gift (think about how often new Mums wash their hands), birthday gift, Christmas gift, thank you gift......it's the gift for that hard-to-buy-for person who has everything!

Smart Foam looking stylish on the sink

I personally think that, if possible, we should try and make every day tasks in our lives more pleasurable. It's the details that give us a sense of luxury and comfort, even if they are small and inexpensive.  Smart Foam is one of these.

The experience of simply washing your hands becomes pleasant. First you just place your hand under the nozzle and a lush pile of white soap foam is quietly and automatically dispensed into your hand. Then, you rub the silky foam all over your hands, enjoying the scent and feel of foam soap. Finally, you rinse it off - by the way, this is the first time you turn the tap on as Smart Foam does not require your hands to be wet initially. It's easier than soap to rinse clean too with no slimy feel or residue. 

Let's talk about saving money, because we all love to do that! The average cost of a soap refill from the supermarket is about AU$7.50 (but there's a few famous brands available in Australia that sell hand wash for between AU$35 and AU$40. Yes, AU$40!!).  The cost of a SaniTab soap tablet is $1.69.  Both will give you 350 ml of hand wash.  The Math is easy. Which one are you going to choose?

Speaking of SaniTab, we've got them in the most beautiful fragrances:

  • Rose
  • Orange
  • Aloe
  • Jasmine
  • Ocean

Grab a pack of 10 when you get your Smart Foam and you'll be in hand wash for many, many months!


I could write much more, but I think it's best if you try it yourself. Once you get Smart Foam, you're going to wonder why you used that old liquid pump soap for so long.

As always, I'd love to hear from you. What is your favourite fragrance? What is the best thing about Smart Foam? Are you a bit of a clean freak? Ask me anything!

Thanks for reading. I'm so glad you're here.


Love Rini


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