All about Eco Clean - the portable disinfectant generator that kills bacteria and viruses

I'm super excited to be FINALLY writing about this amazing product! This bad boy is actually one of the reasons I started SaniSprite. Let me explain...

I live on a rural property in Tasmania and, although it is beautiful, things can get dirty very quickly. Factor in living with 3 very active men and you've got some epic messes happening in this house.  Now I'm pretty obsessed with cleaning, so I spend a lot of time with a spray bottle in my hand containing something that disinfects. That USED to be something I bought from the store which came in a plastic bottle and contained other chemical nasties that I was never too happy about.

Enter Eco Clean. I actually stumbled across the concept of electrolysed water when researching industrial sanitizing. Apparently there are these huge machines that some factories (and governments) use that generate disinfectant from water and salt. What? How long has this been going on? (about 40 years actually)  I looked into it a bit more and discovered that there were a few smaller scale machines being used for the same thing in households.

Mind. Blown.

So here's the basic concept: water and salt dissolve together and then react with an electric current to form sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid. I spoke to a couple of chemists who explained the whole process to me and is a bit more complicated than that as there are other factors at play such as amount of salt and water, pH of the solution, amount of air etc.   

BUT, the end result is that a powerful disinfectant is produced that can kill bacteria AND viruses.

(The virus part is important, because not all disinfectants can kill viruses.)

This disinfectant is safe for use in the home and breaks down easily so it does not pollute the environment.

The fact that it breaks down quickly means that it is not commercially available. Based on the timeline from manufacturing to distribution to stores, it would be useless once you actually got it home. The only solution is to make it yourself and use it immediately.

As I mentioned, there are some of these "Electrolysed Water" generators being sold for household use, but they produce A LOT of disinfectant and are a lot more expensive (due to the fact they are big!).  The disinfectant produced is not an active germ killer for long, so an ordinary household would not use that much before it needs to be discarded. Why pay for a large capacity machine?

The Eco Clean solves the problem.  Its smaller size means you are only generating the disinfectant that you need. Speaking from personal experience: I use mine every day and still discard some at the end of the week. Granted, my house is small, but if you ran out you could easily generate some more. The ingredients are just salt and water!

Plus, the smaller size means you can travel with it! I know that Covid19 has prevented travel to exotic destinations, but we can still go out for short trips. Those trips might involve public bathrooms, hotels or public transport. Breeding grounds for germs even if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic.  I take mine everywhere and give a quick spray before using the facilities. 

Eco Clean is USB rechargeable and takes just 4 minutes to make the disinfectant.

The most popular brand of home disinfectant generators is about $150 plus shipping. There are other brands around $200 and industrial sized are in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Eco Clean is just $39 

Get your Eco Clean here


I know this might be a lot of information to take on, but here is some more reading if you want to find out more about the chemistry involved:


As always, I'm here to answer any questions you might have about Eco Clean. I've had mine for over a year now and use it every day. I would NEVER be without it and I know that, once you try it, you will feel the same way.

Thanks for reading. I'm so glad you're here.


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